A todos nos gustan las cosas gratis, en el caso del Open Source, "código abierto", libre para usarlo y en la mayoría de los casos abierto a la colaboración.A nuestros clientes sugerimos la opción Libre, reduce costes, errores y mantenimiento.El Código Abierto se rige por licencias de uso en las cuales determina que tipo de limitaciones puede tener un usuario, limitaciones en cuanto a tener el crédito de la obra o incluso de no poder modificarla.[Aquí una lista de las licencias mas habituales]


Name Description Link
Helpy Mobile First Helpdesk Application http://helpy.io
Coderwall Professional network for Software engineers - https://coderwall.com
Sharetribe A Marketplace Platform https://www.sharetribe.com
Spina A beautiful CMS for Rails Developers http://www.spinacms.com
Loomio Make decisions together https://www.loomio.org
Rails port of OpenstreetMap Open Street Map http://www.openstreetmap.org
Help Small help request system
OpenSourceBilling Beautiful Simple Billing Software http://opensourcebilling.org
Hours Time registration that doesn't suck https://happyhours.io
OpenProject Project Management System https://www.openproject.org
Huginn Agent system that perform tasks online for you
Discourse A Platform for Community Discussion http://www.discourse.org
Squash Collection of tools that helps developers find and kill bugs http://squash.io
Eventx Event Management System without Hassle http://www.eventtx.com
Fulcrum Agile Project Management Tool http://wholemeal.co.nz/projects/fulcrum.html
Spree Ecommerce Solution http://spreecommerce.com
RedMine Project Management Application http://www.redmine.org
Diaspora Distributed Social Network https://diasporafoundation.org
SprintApp Time tracking and Project Management App http://www.sprintapp.com
Copycopter A service for editing the copy text of a Rails application. http://copycopter.com


Name Description Link
Shoop E-commerce Platform https://shoop.io
Codango Social Network for Coders
Django-CMS Easy to use and developer friendly CMS http://www.django-cms.org
Django-fiber A simple, user-friendly CMS for all your Django projects http://ridethepony.org
Feincms A Django-based CMS with a focus on extensibility and concise code http://www.feincms.org
Mezzanine CMS framework for Django http://mezzanine.jupo.org
Wagtail A Django content management system focused on flexibility and user experience http://wagtail.io
Django-leonardo CMS for everyone, easy to deploy and scale, robust modular system with many packages https://www.leonardo-cms.org
Mayan EDMS Django based document management system with OCR, indexing, full text searching, previewing and more https://www.mayan-edms.com/


Name Description Link
Plaid An app that showcases Material Design https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.plaidapp
Google I/O Scheduler Offcial Android app for Google I/O https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.samples.apps.iosched
Project Frisbee All GDG content in one place https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.gdg.frisbee.android
Wallsplash Wallsplash is the cutting edge wallpaper app for your device! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mikepenz.unsplash
Easy Diary This is a diary application optimized to user experience. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.blog.korn123.easydiary
Easy Photo Map Easy Photo Map is a photomap application that displays the location of the photo on the map using the location information included in the photo. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.blog.korn123.easyphotomap
Easy Password A password manager using a single lock pattern for various type passwords management. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.github.hanjoongcho.easypassword


Name Description Link
Rocket.Chat A web chat platform https://rocket.chat
ColourCode An online colour code app http://www.colourco.de
ReactionCommerce A JavaScript Ecommerce App https://reactioncommerce.com
CoderMania An E-Learning Platform http://www.codermania.com
Telescope Lauch Sites Easily http://www.telescopeapp.org
Loop Pulse Data Analysis Platform http://www.looppulse.com
Wekan The open-source Trello-like kanban https://wekan.io/


Name Description Link
microapps-donation A single page application that allows people to donate money https://microapp-donation.herokuapp.com
docue Document Management System With React Frontend https://docue.herokuapp.com
MERNMAP An interactive map for MERN(MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS) Stack Developers http://mernmap.herokuapp.com
Cerebro One-input productivity booster http://www.cerebroapp.com
Itsquiz-wall Isomorphic "Quiz Wall" for itsquiz.com https://itsquiz.com
SoundRedux - SoundCloud Client Isomorphic "Quiz Wall" for itsquiz.com https://soundredux.io
React-Powered Hacker News Client React-Powered Hacker News Client https://react-hn.appspot.com
Calypso The new JavaScript- and API-powered WordPress.com https://developer.wordpress.com/calypso
Trello tribute A clone of Trello with React and Phoenix https://phoenix-trello.herokuapp.com
In-Browser Playground A playground for in-browser interpreters. Built with React/Redux. http://fatiherikli.github.io/fil
Spectacle A React library for Deck/Slide Presentations. http://stack.formidable.com/spectacle
Google Map Clustering A Google Map Clustering Example http://istarkov.github.io/google-map-clustering-example
Kinematic Visual Docker Container Management on Mac & Windows https://github.com/docker/kitematic
Perseus Perseus is Khan Academy's new exercise question editor and renderer http://khan.github.io/perseus
Favesound-redux The SoundCloud Client in React + Redux made with passion! http://www.robinwieruch.de/the-soundcloud-client-in-react-redux
How to GraphQL The Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL https://www.howtographql.com
Picatic - Ticketing Selling Ticketing widget built with create-react-app http://developer.picatic.com/
Github Desktop Git client on Mac & Windows https://desktop.github.com

React Native

Name Description Link
Yahoo Finance iOS's Stocks App clone written in React Native for demo purpose (available both iOS and Android). Data is pulled from Yahoo Finance. App on Play Store
Pokemon Go Clone Pokemon Go in React Native. Demo
BBC News An unofficial basic implementation of the BBC News app built using React Native.
FC Barca App FC Barcelona in React Native. Demo
AirBnb Clone An Airbnb Clone in React Native. Demo
Assemblies A developer-focused Meetup clone built with React Native.
21mobile Cinema 21 movie schedule app built with react native, graphql, redux 21mobile.sonnylab.com
Dribbble Dribbble app built with React Native
Whatsapp Clone Whatsapp Clone app built with React Native Demo
London React React Native app for the London React Meetup
Snapchat Clone SnapChat clone written with React Native Demo
Civis Face An app for exploring facial recognition using react-native, AWS Rekognition, and AWS Polly. Demo
Standard Notes A simple and private notes app App on Play Store


Name Description Link
Attendant Laravel Valet GUI - An app to monitor your sites running on Valet. Packaged with Electron


Name Description Link
Friendlychat Firebase codelab for building a cross-platform chat app
Friendlypix FriendlyPix is a cross-platform Firebase example app
Firefeed Firefeed is a web app that lets users post small messages called sparks to their feed.
Fun Retro Fun Retro is a distributed retrospective app that is easy and simple to use.


Name Description Link
Crystal ANN Web site to announce new Crystal projects, blog posts, updates and other work activities https://crystal-ann.com


Name Description Link
MySQL Database Library C# tool for seamless MySQL connection and CRUD operations https://medium.com/@franklinezeji/mysql-database-library-for-c-developers-4bec985dc009